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Student Orientation

Congratulations on your decision to attend UC Merced! Joining the UC Merced community will provide you with fulfilling, exciting, and fun academic and personal experiences. In order to make a smooth transition, your next step is to attend New Student Orientation.

Our Mission

The mission of UC Merced Orientation is to be an empowering and transformational experience that prepares a successful pathway to graduation.

Students will:

  • Understand the purposes of a college education and the differences between high school and college.
  • Set educational goals by engaging with campus services and resources and understanding academic skills that will lead to graduation.
  • Develop connections for involvement in co-curricular activities through engaging and personal encounters with faculty, staff, and fellow students.

Students will experience the 4 R's of New Student Orientation

1. Resources- UC Merced offers a variety of resources to help you succeed. We will introduce you to these resources both through the online pre-orientation and in-person orientation.

2. Relationship Building- You will have the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships through various activities we have planned for you.

3. Reflection- You will have an opportunity to reflect on your goals and potential as a Bobcat.

4. Readiness- Students will participate in experiences that focus on preparing them for their first year as a UCM student through the online pre-orientation and their on campus orientation experience.