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Student Orientation

Congratulations on your decision to attend UC Merced! Joining the UC Merced community will provide you with fulfilling, exciting, and fun academic and personal experiences. In order to make a smooth transition, your next step is to attend New Student Orientation.

Our Mission

The mission of UC Merced Orientation is to be an empowering and transformational experience that prepares a successful pathway to graduation.

Students will:

  • Understand the purposes of a college education and the differences between high school and college.
  • Set educational goals by engaging with campus services and resources and understanding academic skills that will lead to graduation.
  • Develop connections for involvement in co-curricular activities through engaging and personal encounters with faculty, staff, and fellow students.


Get Connected- Ensure students are connected to a member of the UC Merced community 

Get Motivated- Ensure students are motivated to achieve their personal and/or academic goals

Get Prepared- Ensure students feel ready to start their first semester successfully by being academically prepared and registered for their courses

Learning Outcomes

After attending New Student Orientation 2024 a student who successfully completes New Student Orientation will be able to:

1. Develop at least one connection with a UC Merced student, orientation leader, staff, or faculty by the end of orientation.

2. Identify at least one on campus resource they can utilize during their first year of college.

3. Describe at least one personal and/or academic goal they want to achieve by the end of their first semester.

4. Articulate why they chose to attend UC Merced.

5. Get Prepared: Describe beliefs, choices and behaviors required to succeed at a research university.

Sample Student Schedule for Summer 2024 Orientation